E-Book Launched!

My new ebook that basically answers all those questions most people ask me when they meet me…is out now! For the first 100 copies, I am going to sell them at a special reduced price in celebration of finally getting it out.

The ebook is called: “Understand Franchising in 30 minutes” and its for any business owner who is contemplating growth or shifting their business to the next level and is curious about the franchise business model.

My ethos at the end of the day is to properly educate business owners and entrepreneurs alike on the franchise business model, so that they can be fully informed before making a decision on whether its something for them or not.

Honesty is the best policy long term and you the truth is franchising may well not be for you…but then…if it is, and it is done correctly, its a fantastically clever way to grow your business.

Check out the ebook – it may answers those niggling questions you have:


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