What are White Collar Franchises?

This is an interesting phenomenon that has arisen over the last few years..the White Collar Franchise (WCF).  It  means in essence a business opportunity where you get all the cool thrills of running a business, with the benefits of looking and feeling good about it…without worrying too much about “labourious” back office work. Well, at least that is a pretty generalistic point of view.

The WCF is generally described as an executive/ management / investment style business opportunity. So, they wouldn’t necessarily be the kind of work where you would do any physical labour and/or actually deliver the service. You would be smarter about it and manage/delegate that to someone else, because the franchisor would have put the proposition together to ensure this is covered.

I would say that for knowledge workers such as myself, that is probably a God Send…because I am definitely not good at cleaning carpets, removing dents from cars, making burgers, driving courier vans etc. Thank goodness there is an option for people like me…the ones who are pretty good at achieving milestones and objectives through our unique ability to engage and motivate others.

The good news for franchisors in this arena, is that there are load of professional ‘white collar’ types who have flooded the market now, thanks to the scale of redundancies in the professional and financial sector (banks and investment houses). They have the perfect skill base for WCFs – they are used to communicating well, adhering to due diligence procedures and relying on their savvy client management talents.

I have yet to come a cross a terribly exciting WFC though…so far its the Tax Advisory, Accountants and Consultancy ones that seem to take the stage. Let me know if you come across one!


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