About Shelley

sp-2-mediumShelley Pearson moved from South Africa to England in 1998, and took to the international business stage like a fish to water. Her keen interest in competent leadership and employee job satisfaction suited her future in the franchising arena.

Being a best franchise business practice campaigner, she set up the independent Sedona West franchise consultancy business in April 2007 after many years working within a high-end £25million pa London based franchise network.

Almost 10 years to the day, after her move to England, Shelley further developed the Expert Franchise Guide business to add to her portfolio. She identified a serious lack of a cost effective provision of franchise business guidance products to small and medium sized business owners. Her products are developed in order to solve one of these business owners’ biggest operational obstacles: access to decisive, experienced and cost effective franchise business guidance. Shelley has managed to attract both professional affiliations and clients who recognise and value her business acumen matched with a practical and empathetic approach.

Unsurprisingly Shelley aims to create a progressive network of ethical franchisors who work together to improve the industry’s best business practice and reduce the impact of rogue franchisor operators on small business.

Shelley continously keeps her ear to the business ground and is always on the look out to answer the many questions business owners ask her….from Business Modelling and Organisational Communication to Social Media Practicalities.