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Social Media – The Business Case

The scary term is “Social Media” – the actual meaning for me is “Community Building and Trust”.

If, like many people you have been dodging the SocMed bullet, I’m here to help you understand it, dispel the mystery and urge you to look seriously at the huge potential this phenomenon has for you as a business owner.

Let’s think back to basic historic business and remember what it used to be called: TRADE. If I wanted meat, I could trade my cabbages for your lamb chops. Business was simple – it was about (a) your word; (b) whether you arrived on time for the trade; and (c) whether your goods were “of quality” to ensure future trade. The things that could potentially scupper trade however was rumour; reputation and remissiveness (if that is a word!) By this I mean that your return business depended on happy returning customers and them referring you on to others.

This dependence forms the foundation of creating a community of people who love you and your business…and are happy to steer more ‘fans’ your way which in turn means more trade for you. Does that make sense? Yes! We have lost sight of how easy it can be to engage customers with truth; vitality; enthusiasm for our business; and the belief (and proof) that we can offer something great to them.

This, my readers, is the basic tenet of community building, a.k.a. Social Networking. The premise of Social Networking is that it is only one small part of a Social Media Strategy…which in turn is part and parcel of your overall marketing plan. Business planning can be complicated however it can also be pretty simple – if you don’t lose yourself in all the jargon. Stick to what our forefathers used to cherish as rudimentary to being thought highly of in their social and business communities: “Attract good customers, be good to them and deliver what you promise when you say you will.”

By sitting down and ‘listening’ to what Social Media has to offer – you will soon learn that it is in essence a FREE and hugely comprehensive business attraction tool that can mean a boost to your business’ bottom line. Please do take heart and know that I wouldn’t support this if I didn’t believe it works, but I am very strict about also advising that social networking and community building has to be done responsibly and with a clear focus on message, audience and content. No-one wants to collect more spam – so don’t be a spam spewer!

For franchised and non-franchised businesses Social Media represents an ideal way to not only build a national brand and listening for your product/service; but also an opportunity to connect with the local (and international) community and drive customers to your website and/or business door.

With Twitter, you attract ‘followers’ and with Facebook Pages you attract ‘fans’ – these people become your prospective lead generators and/or customers. Consider that each fan or friend you attract may have 200 to 300 friends (on average) and if they like what you have to say they will very easily pass a link on to their friend base. It is obvious what the ramifications are: exponential exposure to an ever growing audience.

Be smart: review your offering, see where you can take advantage of having a captive audience and tap into this new way of doing business – which isn’t really very NEW, so much as the re-invention of an old lamb vs. cabbage trade situation…but online.

If you would like to have your finger on what is going on in the world of Social Media, here are some resources you may find useful to follow:  Social Media ExaminerMashable

Entrepreneur Junkie

Wow – I am just brilling with it all today. I listened to a couple of tele-classes this week to really get my business juices following and I tell you I am ready to take on the world in March.

Do you make sure that you are flying with Eagles, or do you find that you are pecking on the ground with the turkeys! I made a significant choice this last week to stop wasting my time with the turkeys and value my time more as a business person and as an entrepreneur. I am in search of more ‘Trains’ I can hop on to – i.e. more people that will push me and motivate me into the sphere I aspire to be in. Time is of the essence and only you can make the choice not to spend it on dribbling outside the fishbowl….I want to swim with the sharks! Do you know of someone I should be following? Tweet me and tell me.

So, I thought I would post a clip that you may find useful to maybe give you a kick up the bottom today! Ken Blanchard is another of my Eagle Guru’s. Check it out and let me know what you think – if you want! Don’t forget I am on Twitter too and my favourites who I follow at the moment are: @guykawasaki; @davos; @yaniksilver; @jennyflintoft; @bernadettedoyle and @barefoot_exec.

Click on this -> Ken Blanchard Vid for that kick up the butt you ordered 🙂

A Man Who Keeps Me Inspired

As you know, I follow Guy Kawasaki’s blog and Twitterings, and he has an event in April which I wish I could go to! I thought you may be interested in seeing a small video of him, for those who haven’t yet seen him in the flesh or read about him at all.

Short Vid of Guy K

Short Vid of Guy K

He is a Venture Capitalist and in his words a ‘democratizer of information’. He was an Apple Fellow of Apple Computers (you can see his visual cv at:

I managed to actually see him speak in San Francisco at The Realtor conference a couple of years ago – great stuff. He is very relaxed and communicates his message incredbly well. If you ever get a chance to see him – DO. He will really rock your grounding about being different…forging into new business territory and smash your beliefs on ‘what should be done’ and ‘how it should be done’.

Let me know if you found this useful and catch anything that inspires you.