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Social Media – the Way Business is Going

I subscribe to some key chaps that I get inspiration from. Today I got this post from Guy Kawasaki’s blog where he alerted his readers to an article written about how Barack Obama strategised his presidential campaign making use of social media. Click here to read it.

I was blown away by the stats in this article written by Edelman. I would say to you just pay attention to what went on and what was made possible in the space of time it was done.

I know that I am working myself towards engineering my own business to work the way business will be working in 10 years time. Its frustrating in that you always need to think ahead in terms of the way businesses are going – but I do think that there are a lot of business owners (including franchisors) who really have to pull their finger out and get on top of business models of the future. And that, my friends, includes mastering Social Media and Networking.

Long gone are the days of it needing to take thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours to get recognition and target a specific market. Competition is rife now especially for the uneucated and uninformed business owner out there.

Make sure you find out today if there is something you are missing out on. We will be left behind if we don’t! I have been fighting the onslaught of the Blackberry…but since Barack has one and plainly uses one….hell….maybe I should!